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A Helping Hand

Posted on Sep 28, 2015 |

A Helping Hand

I believe in guardian angels, guides, spirit helpers. However, I was originally a late-teen cynic with a fixed belief in only the tangible. My beliefs were moulded from my experiences into a rock-solid faith which has sustained me through my life’s trials. At the age of 18 I went seeking the meaning of some strange events in my life including vivid dreams, lucid dreaming (where you know you are asleep and control the dream), and precognition dreams (where I dream ordinary events which later come to be), seeing apparitions and a natural intuition that steered me away from danger or toward my goals. My first real life-changing event was as a participant in the audience at an evening of clairvoyance with Steve Turoff. He gave me such astounding evidence of the continuous existence of the human spirit after death (my grandfather), and of events that had occurred in my life that I had shared with no one, that he led me onto the path of further enlightenment, spirituality, healing and channelling. That path has given me experiences of direct communication with non-physical beings that are able to talk to me, impress upon me, heal me and help me. I shall always be grateful. As a result my faith is rock-solid.
Strange then, that after a lifetime of such experiences, that I should lead such an ordinary life. I have no communication sessions now, no healing, and I rarely meditate anymore. Instead I focus on my goal of accumulating enough income to pay off my debts and mortgage and prepare for my retirement; like most people I would imagine. I do, however, have the opportunity to show some charity. I come across some cases in my line of work where basic compassion for humanity is missing and real hardship is caused in the blind pursuit of profit or the thoughtlessness of those that have. I give what little help or money I can in such instances and give thanks that I do not have the same misfortune.
I believe I am meant to see these things and have these experiences, and that I am meant to be here. I do not like it, but accept it as a necessary part of living the tax free, expat life and getting ahead, and as a necessary part of my growth.
The contrast in the two types of existence is glaringly obvious to me. I have a choice to rid myself of the stress involved in pursuing financial gain; but the spiritual path may not be paved with enough gold to sustain me. And this is so often the case. I believe I have the choice to return to a spiritual path if I wish. I am certain I would be happier. But I also believe that if my destiny is to experience these real world events, then my life would bring me back again somehow in order to finish these lessons.
I have experienced firsthand that if you willingly give, with no other thought than to help another, then you shall receive either the same gift from another, or be rewarded with seeing the benefit our generosity can yield. I now believe that charity needn’t cost you anything. I wonder how many times I will be given the opportunity to see this belief tested. Imagine how wonderful life would be if you were helping others all of the time with no financial cost to you? Now that would be fulfilling and rewarding!


Guest Blogger – Eric Lange


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