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This is my second testimonial for Dee and the progress Dee has made with me.
Exactly three months ago I wrote “This last year my life was completely out of sync and control”
Over the last three months we have had one session per month via Skype. The sessions have worked better than I could have hoped and I believe not being face to face has helped me relax and focus more on what Dee says to me.
Bottom line. I am now earning an income on a regular basis. My self-esteem is back to normal however, I accept that I am human and I can still have a bad day. The difference now is that I am equipped to identify what caused a problem and I have the internal tools to manage it out of my system.
I have the energy back in my life to have started back at the gym and my outlook and attitude in general is very healthy indeed. In fact, I find it hard to believe how many people around me are so negative and down with their lives. I was one of those people and if you are reading this the chances are you may be one of those people now. If so do what I did and accept I needed help. Writing this is my way of putting a little back in to the system and I hope this will help you have the strength to seek help and contact Dee.

David, Abu Dhabi, 5th April 2017


This last year my life was completely out of sync and control.
Emotionally, I experienced stress, a lack of self-esteem, a lack of focus and the ability to see things through.
Financially, everything that could go wrong did gone wrong.
Physically, I stopped doing the sports I enjoyed and I had very low energy levels.
Spiritually, the pressures of everyday living had finally overcome my own belief systems and I had stopped believing in myself and the power that exists all around us to make things better.
When I was introduced to Dee and the Skype session that she had put together, I was open minded and set aside 2.5 hours as advised. The first part of the session was finding out about me. What became apparent about myself as I spoke, was that I was working just like an overloaded old computer, in a slow plodding way. I needed re booting, to clear out my internal systems and to replace the outdated programmes with new ones. The saddest part of the conversation was the realisation that despite always being there for others, I had stopped loving myself.
The second part of the session Dee used the skills at her disposal to channel into my subconscious. In doing this she was able dispose of all the rubbish that I had allowed my mind to store. The negativity that was feeding my mind and body was replaced with positive thought processes and emotions. My belief patterns were renewed, my focus was energised and my life was back on track. Most of all I really did love myself again.

Dee asked me to take a look in to a mirror after the session. I looked completely stress free and freshed faced, the real me was back!

Technology has never been my greatest friend so for those of you who share my feelings, rest assured, the skype session worked perfectly. Dee could fit in with my time table and being in my own home helped me to be more relaxed and open.
Dee is a true professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Her sessions are truly life changing!

This is an investment in yourself that you need to do!
Thankyou Dee

David, Abu Dhabi, 2017


Dear Dee,

As Eric has already thanked you for the therapy session you gave him, I would also like to say a very special thank you and to let you know how it has helped not only him but me and our marriage also.

When he started with you, he was frustrated, bewildered, lost, angry and overwhelmed with work especially but also life in general. It seemed that no matter how much he tried and how hard he worked, he just wasn’t getting anywhere. He and I were both arguing and at odds so I’d say to him, “well what do you want from life, both personal and professional ?” His answer was “I don’t know”!. Well as you have taught me via my therapy season with you, if WE don’t know what we want for ourselves, how can the universe deliver it for us? We have to be clear and concise in our intentions to get what we want…..SO, this has helped both of us as Eric has changed course completely! He’s now writing his business plan, he is clear in his mind what he wants career wise and that’s to be a consulting engineer, he’s working towards getting it all happening and guess what? There’s a request in the offing for a consultant’s role in the UAE coming up! (Albeit a short term one, it’s still a start) and had he not had you to help him see what it was he wanted, it never would have happened.

This in turn helped me in ways that have stopped our frustration with each other and just to have him so much happier is a total joy!

You are remarkable in the work you do Dee, but also as the person that you are. You truly care about your clients and have already helped so many in their life’s path.

I can’t thank you enough, but as you once said, seeing people’s positive change, is thanks enough for you.

I wish you all the very best and now enjoy SO much, our new and positive life’s outlook. We thought we had no future until you.

Warmest regards,
Catherine, Australia 2017


Thank you very much for the email and the session yesterday. It has really opened my eyes and Ive started my journey of improving myself. I found an app to help with my exercising which works great and keeps me motivated. I have also started my fitness plan.

Thanks again

Master R, aged 15 years, Dubai


Thanks very much for everything you have done with me. I really feel differently about many things, far more positive than I was before, so I send much thanks and appreciation for your help, understanding and kindness. I will continue to work on everything you have suggested and will not hesitate to get back in touch again if I need a top up.

Mr R, Dubai


I believe Hypnotherapy is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to live a happy and fulfilled life. We invest in gyms for our body, beauty treatments for our skin, diet programmes for our weight. Hypnotherapy is like a cleansing of the mind to enable us to move forward with confidence and positivity. Dee Ford can help those who want to improve their management of stress and anxiety for example, through techniques that guide you to a better outcome. Her ability to build trust and genuine desire to help makes her, in my opinion, a natural healer and confidant.

Already after only three sessions Dee has helped me ‘de-clutter’ negativity from the past so that I can enjoy better relationships with family and friends. And build on my self-esteem to be confident to try new things. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions so far with Dee and thank her for the priceless service she provides.

Best wishes Joanne, Dubai


Thank you very much for yesterday, I had so much energy in the afternoon, had a good nights sleep, still waking but going straight back to sleep.

Today I feel great, looking forward to our next session.

Mrs S, Dubai.

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Dee is a fantastic life coach, after my first session with her I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted and far less emotional. She made me feel like I could achieve anything which has led to me quitting my job and starting a new one which meets my expectations and aspirations. I really can’t thank her enough for helping me.

For anyone worried about seeing a therapist like Dee, don’t be. She made me feel so at ease and was so easy to talk to. If you don’t do it you will regret it!”

Thanks for everything,
Lizzie, Dubai


I can honestly say I feel totally refreshed and revitalised. My skin looks incredibly better! My thoughts are clearer and my outlook is more positive. I am feeling wonderful!!

Mrs G, Dubai


Just want to say thank you again for helping me shift my cat allergy. We now have a new member to the family – lil Ivy, and all is good.

Mrs WW, Dubai


Being quite convinced hypnotherapy was similar to what one sees on TV (bringing the person to a deep sleep state and making them do things that they don’t quite remember when awake again) I postponed my hypnotherapy sessions for several months until I decided to go for it and to my biggest surprise I found out that there was nothing like I initially thought. Just a very deep relaxation where body and mind form a one, allowing you to “travel” back and forth throughout your life with the purpose of solving conflicts/issues you might not even know they were there knocking you down, and making positive suggestions for what you would like to achieve. Opportunities are infinite. I love how I feel during the sessions, so relaxed and at ease, and especially after the sessions, when I feel so energetic and I feel like I have all the means and the tools to deal with my life the way I want it to be. Dee is an adorable therapist who is very passionate about her work. I immediately felt I could trust and open myself with her the moment we met. Results were amazing! Thank you, Dee, for the change you brought in my life!

Mrs T, Dubai


In my opinion Dee is a miracle worker… she is first and foremost, a hypnotherapist but it’s her intuitive counselling that gives her the edge over other practitioners…. I was quite fearful and skeptical about hypnosis but after just one session and immediate results I was hooked… and now I have had only 3 sessions and my life is so much easier now… I still have some issues of course but just knowing that there help that actually works makes everything ok…  I have had years of counselling and although it was extremely helpful in getting to the bottom of my problems and learning how to change… putting the “changes into action” were still the hardest part but with Dee’s help change is effortless because it gets in to the subconscious mind were everything just “happens”.

The sessions with Dee are like visiting an old friend.  She is such a warm and caring person and I could trust her to share my demons with.. the sessions are relaxing and enlightening and the best part is, while you are doing something for yourself….your entire family, network and even your community benefits from the changes… I am happy to share my personal story with anyone who is still on the fence about using hypnosis as a healing tool….
Wendy Francis-Best, Dubai


I have had three hypnosis sessions with Dee and as someone who was really quite nervous and scared about the whole process of hypnosis, (needlessly as it turned out I must add), I can truthfully say that Dee truly put me completely at ease and was very patient and kind with me.

Each session was extremely relaxing and ultimately benefiting.

I originally went to Dee with a fear of flying and not only did she help me with that but has also helped me with a general level of anxiety I had been dealing with since the birth of my third child.

I now feel like a new woman! My fear has dissipated and I am truly looking forward to and excited about the future, whether it involves flying or other previously anxiety-producing events. That is priceless! I have my fun-loving spirit back & I owe it all to Dee!

After treatment, once you are aware of the benefits, Dee herself will tell you that “you did it” & she “only helped you”, but don’t believe it. She’s a marvel at using her intuition to know what you need, whatever help or assistance that may be!

I would not hesitate one second in recommending Dee to any of my friends – Mrs K, Dubai


I have just been through a wonderful  hypnosis session with Dee, she put me completely at ease, we talked a lot she asked me lots of questions.  We identified certain issues that needed working on incl my stress levels, which had reached a notch higher than they should be.  Dee returned my mental clarity, cleared the air so to speak, inside my head and I am now well on my way managing my stress levels and taking on more projects.  Dee is a warm loving human being with such a kindred spirit.  Thank you Dee.  Mrs H, Dubai


After consulting Dee for anxiety and fear of life in general, I was ready to accept her help and try to find out why I had felt like this most of my life.  I was tired of living my life like this and now after my sessions, I understand the reasons for these behaviours.  I thought I really would never be able to function at full capacity.  I was defeated and exhausted with life.

I have had 3 treatments now and already so much in my mind has changed.  I would certainly, most definitely recommend Hypnotherapy with Dee.

She is professional, empathic, sympathetic and an amazingly brilliant woman who cares for ALL people, animals, the planet and I admire her very much!

I am certain she can help resolve all of my emotional issues buried deep in my subconscious, with her training and ability.

I am thrilled with the results I have had so far, some of which are:

I am more confident.

I am relieved that these emotional burdens causing my negative thinking have gone from my mind.

I am able now to forgive those in the past who have caused these burdens.

I am starting to be able to turn off and relax……something that I have never been able to do.

Regression therapy has released many fears and issues, buried deep in my subconscious which I thought I had dealt with! Ha! How hard they are to get rid of without the help of a Professional.

Please contact Dee for help if you feel you might need to.  This therapy is worth it’s results in Gold!

THANK YOU Dee, from the bottom of my heart. My life is positively changing because of you.

Catherine, in Australia


PAST LIFE Regression Session – WOW, is the first word that comes to mind. This trip back to the past was beyond amazing.

I had no idea what to expect and have never had this kind of therapy before, but it has explained and made me understand so much more about my life that is now.  Not only does Dee take you back to past lives, but the life between lives..also incredible to experience ..I won’t give anything away, but the experience of this for me, was invaluable.

I want to tell anyone thinking of doing this, that it will be an experience that is very enlightening, sometimes emotional, and something I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do with my amazing hypnotherapist, Dee Ford.

Catherine, in Australia


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