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Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Mind!

Posted on Apr 6, 2017 |

Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Mind!

Many people are in the habit of giving their homes a good, thorough once-over in Spring time. It’s an opportunity to attend to dusty corners, backs of closets and nooks and crannies which go unnoticed. Clutter is cleared, repairs made and sometimes entire makeovers are performed!

Have you ever considered that minds often desperately need a Spring Clean too?

We live in an age of over stimulation, information overload and too few rests in a day. Busy lives mean stress thrives and matters of a personal nature often get postponed as we put others first and self-care LAST in our priorities. “It’s just being selfish and self-indulgent to do X, Y, or Zed” we say to ourselves as we run ourselves into the ground.

I liken the mind to that of the engine of a camper van. It requires regular maintenance to keep it working in tip top condition.

Part of my job is helping clients to Spring Clean their minds by using tools and techniques which help them not only this time of year, but also for the future!

Learning how the mind works and learning to watch it is important. The mind is designed to protect us, but it’s very apt to crying wolf. We need to declutter it and reprogram for optimal health.

There are many techniques that can be used with clients. Many have the same end goal. We go through life automatically doing, saying, reacting, thinking and feeling the same way, over and over. We don’t even realise we are stuck in a vicious cycle, like a hamster on a treadmill. POSiTiVE change will only happen if we take action to change ourselves from within!

My job is to help open the cage door so that you can be free to love your life and have an amazing journey.

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