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Explorations in Conscious Creation (ECC) Practitioners Course in Mar/Apr in Dubai and Doha

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Explorations in Conscious Creation (ECC) Practitioners Course in Mar/Apr in Dubai and Doha

2 courses in DUBAI and DOHA, Birthing Seeds of Light (BSOL) and Explorations in Conscious Creation (ECC) run by Tom and Joan Rudholm from America. Interview with YOGA LIFE magazine listed below.

Birthing Seeds of Light (BSOL) energy transmission to ground the energies & clear generational karma from all lineages and lifetimes.  Birthing Seeds of Light (BSOL) clears generational karma from all lineages you come from, in order to anchor more of your Divine Self onto the planet.  The facilitators, Tom and Joan (see profiles below) like to begin any form of energy work by transmitting, with a Birthing Seeds of Light session.


DUBAI Jumeirah 1, Private Residence  Thursday evening, March 20, 8-10pm

DOHA, Six Senses Spa Thursday evening April 3, 8-10 pm

Investment: $150 USD

Explorations in Conscious Creation (ECC) to create huge shifts in your own life, the environment, the planet and beyond. ECC is an evolved form of evolutionary flows from our guides. Tom and Joans work started with the PACE work of Amy Skezas and her guide Athabascar.  The work has evolved into a more heart based energy. They do sessions and offer classes to certify practitioners in ECC.

The ECC Practitioner’s class includes an initiation, attunement and empowerment to channel flows of evolution into places big and small, to their next highest level.  Keep in mind that everyone has free will and that if someone or something does not open to receive, that is between them and their soul and their soul agreements … This work is not about fixing or forcing others to
change.   ECC allows the flows of evolution to move through you, taking you and your intentions to their next evolutionary level as is appropriate and in right timing.  This is an offering to assist human and planetary evolution in love and with consciousness.

Tom and Joan believe that when you work on yourself, your higher frequencies transmit toothers, creating an environment of more love and joy for others to access within themselves.


DUBAI Firday March 21, 11am-4pm and Saturday March 22 10am-2pm

DOHA Friday April 4, 11am-4pm and Saturday April 5, 10am-2pm

Investment: $650 USD Includes practitioners certification for successfully completing workshop

Accepting Paypal for advanced purchase. For Maximum benefit please arrive on time.

For additional information, kindly contact nicole at:  Tom and Joan: and please remember to mention BlueCamperVan when booking.


More about Tom and Joan as seen in March, 2014 YOGA LIFE Magazine:

How / where/ when did you meet?
We met in Ventura, California where we both were teaching.
We went shopping for groceries the first day we met.
We’ve been shopping for groceries ever since.

You are both artists in your own right. Tell us about your art work and how it relates to healing.

TOM RUDHOLM arrived in the Philippines 40 years ago, as a wood shop teacher for the U.S. Department of Defense Schools, there he discovered Narra wood.

On returning to the United States,  he was told by a psychic channel that his knowledge of wood comes from Druid lifetimes and that people would come to have pieces made by him to align them with their spirit.

People often comment on how their space changes and seems to radiate peace.  To this day and through these many years, narra remains Tom’s favorite wood.

JOAN RUDHOLM does artwork that people who work with energy perceive … like open energy centers in the body.  She loves working with symbols. It was in college that she decided to teach art.  This took Joan and Tom overseas where the local cultures affected their visual view of the world.  Hidden messages in line, shape, texture and color were everywhere.  It was upon seeing a vase from Tibet, where the surface glaze had been slightly rubbed off, revealing messages under the top layer that she knew she wanted to apply this form of alchemy to her work.

Upon returning to the United States, Joan studied various forms of meditation and energy work … and Chinese Calligraphy from Dr. Zyling Yang and Dr. Bing Lin.  She learned that by going into meditative states the art could transmit frequencies of higher vibration.  She and Tom use this approach in their work.

Joan paints people’s course certificates using sacred elements such as holy water blessed by Amachi, sand from the headwaters of the Ganges and crushed malachite, a stone of transformation.

When did you become interested in healing?
For Joan the word is Always.  Tom thought he didn’t have the gift,  that it was something Joan did.  He has since found he holds enormous space so that healings can occur and anyone can do it.

You clearly have a calling for this and have been facilitating healings for many years, what’s the most exciting thing about what you do? Seeing people get excited and doing this for themselves.

What are you bringing to Dubai and Doha?


Tom and Joan hold a sacred space in which you can connect with your own guidance and your own energy in a heightened form. These energy sessions are open ended, allowing for infinite potential.  You, your higher self, your Divine Self and your guides direct the energies held by Joan and Tom to any issue.  The energies are further supported by the balance of male and female energies coming from Tom and Joan. Private energy sessions in Dubai will be available: March 18 – 24 and in Doha, March 27-April 14,2014

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