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How to grow your Business with Heart, Integrity and Social Impact

Posted on Jan 10, 2017 |

How to grow your Business with Heart, Integrity and Social Impact

What does success really mean to you?

Is it when you’ve finally paid off the mortgage and can comfortably ‘retire’?
Is it when you win an award or your book becomes a best-seller?
Or is it when you see your kids through school and see them happy?
All of these are fantastic goals, though I suspect you might be looking for something more.  My favorite definition of the word profit is ‘to leave something better than you found it.’
How would it feel to know that every time you took positive action in your business, you could get great results, with the benefits being felt locally and globally?
The true sign of a successful heart-centered business owner is someone who masters how to generously, authentically and profitably share their gifts – so more people gain.
And the good news is YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO DO THIS from these top visionary leaders who have been specially selected to share how you can grow a thriving business with heart, integrity and social impact!

By Participating In This FREE On-line GIVE FOR PROFIT Summit, You’ll Learn About:

  • The Art Of Strategic Giving To Get More Clients & Make More Of A Difference
  • The 7 Elements To Attract More Of Your Ideal Clients
  • The Only 3 kinds of Potential Clients You’ll Meet And How To Approach Each
  • How To Connect With And Magnetize Your Ideal Clients Without Being Too ‘Pushy’
  • The 2 Messages You Need To Stand Out As The Obvious Choice For Your Favorite Clients
  • How To Get Subscribers To Open, Read And Take Action From Your Emails
  • How Kindness And Compassion Boost Your Happiness, Health & Success
  • Serving Wholeheartedly, In A Personally & Financially Sustainable Way
  • Healing Our Hearts To Heal The Heart Of Our World
  • The Benefits Of Supporting A Charity Through Your Business
  • How To Support A Charity Through Your Business
  • How Tapping Can Help You Enjoy And Get Better Results when ‘Selling’
  • How Meditation Can Help Guide Your Next Business Step
  • The Key To Clarifying And Monetizing Your Life Mission
  • How to Gain Credibility, Grow Your Business, and Help More People by Hosting Your Own Telesummit
  • The Critical Steps To Building A Tribe Of Supporters
  • And Much More!
  • And you’ll have the opportunity to:
    • Participate in a unique fundraising event helping others all round the world
    • Share your ideas and network with others in our community

This FREE on-line event from 31 March-10 April – Sign up today HERE

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