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I Believe

Posted on Aug 7, 2016 |

I Believe

Invariably, what we believe becomes our reality. Unfortunately, we sometimes let our life’s problems and lessons alter our beliefs. For example, the person who is robbed will tend to believe the world is full of thieves and therefore become over-careful and focus a lot of energy on security and anti-theft measures. This in turn tends to attract the negative energy associated with the loss of something valued. And possibly lead to more theft from them. I had a neighbour once who had four of his cars stolen while I had none.
Imagine then, that you believe in a world where universal justice and karma exist and you also are robbed of something valued. Do you believe the thief will get their come-uppance? Or, that if someone was so desperate that they needed to steal to get by, you would let that item go knowing it was helping a desperate soul? Or, just maybe, you believe that karma was paying you back for a theft you long ago previously committed?
From the latter thought patterns you can see that faith in universal karma can sometimes lead us to be bullet-proof from the negative energy and victim mentality that surrounds an injustice, if we can guard our mind from negative thoughts resulting from that belief-testing moment.
I was in the middle of an annoying character testing moment last week when my belief system was tested. Being cut off on a motorway journey caused me to break suddenly. The culprit then saw fit to slow down and block my path. This deliberate act was intended to annoy me! It did. But in the moment I also had time to check my anger and question whether I had perhaps annoyed this person by my careless driving, and thus caused them to seek revenge. So, rather than get into a fight or a pointless rant to myself, I simply changed lanes. I chose to be bullet-proof against a dangerous fool. Fortunately the incident was over in moments and I could return to thinking of pleasant things, secure in the knowledge that either I deserved the wake up call to pay attention when driving, or that the antagonist would get his just come-uppance for being aggressive. The lesson here is that I chose my behaviour based on a belief in universal justice, and a desire to maintain control of my thoughts and actions. To give in to anger, by buying in to this negative behaviour event, would have led to the risk of me harming others or myself in a road rage incident.
I believe in the wisdom of Desiderata, that ‘…whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.’
I believe that fear is the enemy and that whenever we make decisions based on fear we stunt our growth. Instead of taking chances, risking a failure in the pursuit of success, those cold souls that give in to fear remain locked in limbo without even the taste of freedom or glory. For to fail, is to learn a valuable lesson and to be better prepared for the next attempt!
I believe that old habits of negative thinking can be hard to shake off; especially when you are in the same environment that created them in the first place. We must guard ourselves against the slide backwards to despondency by indulging in the inspirational thoughts of others, stories of heroism, and pursuing the peace within.
I believe that what you think about you bring about. But I also know that being faced with a barrage of external stimuli can be overwhelming and lead our thoughts astray and off-centre; and cause us to buy-in to the moment. This is why it is so important to spend some time alone each day to reflect and reassess our beliefs, for ‘…as we believe, so shall it be’.
What do you believe?

Guest Blogger – Eric Lange


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