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Introductory Course on Feng Shui in Dubai (Fri 7&8 Feb)

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 |

Introductory Course on Feng Shui in Dubai (Fri 7&8 Feb)

Master Deana Wyland-Fries is returning to Dubai and teaching the Feng Shui Introductory Course on February 7th and 8th just in time to celebrate Chinese New Year!  She will of course cover all the usual syllabus, but will also be sharing information with you regarding the energy of 2014, what to expect and how it may affect you!  The Year of the Wood Horse promises to be an exciting one for many.  This horse is a race horse and he is chomping at the bit to get running on February 4th!

For those of you who have not received information on the Syllabus before, here is a brief description of that which will be covered over two days.

Module A is an introductory course and is mandatory if you wish to continue with the Professional Training, i.e. Module B and C.  It is an ideal two day course for all those who have always had an interest in Feng Shui, perhaps have read a few books or tried it out themselves and never really got it!  It is also of interest for Landscape Designers, City Planners, Interior Designers and anyone who works with Energy.

The Syllabus:

What is Chue Syle Feng Shui?

The Role of Feng Shui in our lives
Form and Compass
Yin and Yang
Chi & Sensing the Chi
The Five Celestial Animals
The Five Elements in a Room
The Front Door
Designing the Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Home Office
The 8 Trigrams of the I Ching
The Early & Late Heaven Sequence
The Lo Shu Square
Lo Shu Map
Introduction to Flying Star
Flying Star for the years 2000-2011
Lo Shu Number of the month
Space Clearing Basics
Geopathic Stress


At the end of Module A you will have a sound basic knowledge of what Feng Shui is really all about and how to apply simple remedies in your life and your own home.

Cost factor:  AED 1980 including all course materials, refreshments and official Chue Foundation certificate

Master Deana Wyland-Fries
Founder and Director 
+971 (0)50 915 5888

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