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Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 Day Seminar in Dubai Nov14-18

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 |

Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 Day Seminar in Dubai Nov14-18

Jin Shin Jyutsu 5 Day Seminar

Dubai Nov 14-18

with Michael Wenninger

The seminar consists of two parts:-

Part 1, the Foundation introduces the dynamic qualities of the 26 Safety Energy Locks, the Trinity Flows, the concepts of the Depths within the body and the Physio-Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Interspersed with lecture are periods of hands-on application.

Part 2, Introduces the 12 organ flows, listening to pulses, the Special Body Flows and how these contribute to harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

This class will be an opportunity to contemplate, absorb, digest, explore and experience the beautiful art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Investment: 3860AED

To book your place please contact Jocelyn Chidiac. Email Mobile: +971-504-831-888.  Please mention BLUECAMPERVAN when booking :).

About the Trainer, Michael Wenninger

Michael began studying Jin Shin Jyutsu in 1992.  He served on the Jin Shin Jyutsu Advisory Council with Judy Andry and Betsie Haar from 1999-2002 and comiled What Mary Says with Lynne Pflueger. He joined the faculty of Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2010, since then he has taught throughout North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Michael is a student of Qi Gong, T’ai Chi and Kyudo (The way of the Bow).  He is Zen Priest practicing in the Soto Buddhist lineage.  He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Jan Quan and The Dharma.

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