The Vehicle for POSiTiVE Change – A website for Recommended Healthcare & Wellbeing Professionals

Posted on Dec 4, 2012 | 2 comments – A website for Recommended Healthcare & Wellbeing Professionals is the innovation of Pam Wilson, an Expat living in Dubai.

Pam has created a place online, that focuses on excellent service provided by healthcare providers, where people can share their great experiences with their community.  She encourages the community to participate in creating a healthcare system (Mainstream and Alternative, for the Mind and Body) that they can all rely on, by giving the attention and recommendations to those healthcare providers who deserve it.

Its really easy to participate…type in, click the pink Recommend button, type in the name of the practitioner…(even if they are not listed, you can still recommend them).  Type in their profession and then provide a few details as to why you have recommended them….Its as EASY as that!

By recommending your preferred Healthcare and Wellbeing Practitioner, you are giving back and helping other members of your community.




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  1. Najib Bencherif

    If you’re looking for a good orthopaedic surgeon here in the UAE, I strongly recommend Dr. Mohammad Ashfaq Konchwalla at Saudi German hospital in Dubai. He’s really a highly talented surgeon with a long experience in UK hospitals.
    I was suffering from a meniscal damage to my right knee and couldn’t practice anymore my favourite sport which is jogging. It was really frustrating until I met a colleague of mine at work who suggested that I see Dr. Ashfaq..
    The amazing thing about my laser operation is that I saw it live on screen from start to finish, with Dr. Ashfaq explaining to me all the surgical work he was performing on my knee!
    Not only that, but at the end, he offered me a recorded DVD of my operation! I must tell you that 48 hours after the operation, I felt that I could walk without feeling any more pain.. I thought it was a good idea to share with you my experience, particularly with those who are suffering from a meniscal tear and who are reluctant to undergo such an operation here in Dubai.
    Last but not least, I was also impressed with the standard of care at the Saudi German hospital in Dubai. In fact it’s a “five-star” hospital with a very competent and friendly staff.
    Najib Bencherif from Dubai

    • admin

      Hi Najib,
      Thank you so much for your valued comments, we really appreciate it. We suggest visiting website to find Dr. Mohammad Ashfaq Konchwalla.
      It would be really useful for others, if you could leave your comments on the website and assist people in making the right choices for their healthcare.
      Thank you again and Have a great day :)

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