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How my life has changed!

Posted on Apr 7, 2017 |

How my life has changed!

This is my second testimonial for Dee and the progress Dee has made with me.
Exactly three months ago I wrote “This last year my life was completely out of sync and control”
Over the last three months we have had one session per month via Skype. The sessions have worked better than I could have hoped and I believe not being face to face has helped me relax and focus more on what Dee says to me.
Bottom line. I am now earning an income on a regular basis. My self-esteem is back to normal however, I accept that I am human and I can still have a bad day. The difference now is that I am equipped to identify what caused a problem and I have the internal tools to manage it out of my system.
I have the energy back in my life to have started back at the gym and my outlook and attitude in general is very healthy indeed. In fact, I find it hard to believe how many people around me are so negative and down with their lives. I was one of those people and if you are reading this the chances are you may be one of those people now. If so do what I did and accept I needed help. Writing this is my way of putting a little back in to the system and I hope this will help you have the strength to seek help and contact Dee.

David, Abu Dhabi, 5th April 2017


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