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This time last year my life was out of sync!

Posted on Apr 7, 2017 |

This time last year my life was out of sync!

This last year my life was completely out of sync and control.
Emotionally, I experienced stress, a lack of self-esteem, a lack of focus and the ability to see things through.
Financially, everything that could go wrong did gone wrong.
Physically, I stopped doing the sports I enjoyed and I had very low energy levels.
Spiritually, the pressures of everyday living had finally overcome my own belief systems and I had stopped believing in myself and the power that exists all around us to make things better.
When I was introduced to Dee and the Skype session that she had put together, I was open minded and set aside 2.5 hours as advised. The first part of the session was finding out about me. What became apparent about myself as I spoke, was that I was working just like an overloaded old computer, in a slow plodding way. I needed re booting, to clear out my internal systems and to replace the outdated programmes with new ones. The saddest part of the conversation was the realisation that despite always being there for others, I had stopped loving myself.
The second part of the session Dee used the skills at her disposal to channel into my subconscious. In doing this she was able dispose of all the rubbish that I had allowed my mind to store. The negativity that was feeding my mind and body was replaced with positive thought processes and emotions. My belief patterns were renewed, my focus was energised and my life was back on track. Most of all I really did love myself again.

Dee asked me to take a look in to a mirror after the session. I looked completely stress free and freshed faced, the real me was back!

Technology has never been my greatest friend so for those of you who share my feelings, rest assured, the skype session worked perfectly. Dee could fit in with my time table and being in my own home helped me to be more relaxed and open.
Dee is a true professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Her sessions are truly life changing!

This is an investment in yourself that you need to do!
Thankyou Dee

David, Abu Dhabi, 2017

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