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The 10 Second Philosophy by Derek Mills, The Motivational Kick start for 2013!

Posted on Jan 8, 2013 |

I have been lucky enough to have just been bought ‘The 10 Second Philosophy’ by Derek Mills for my Birthday! and am really excited to get started, just need to finish the book Im reading first, ‘The Success Principles’ by Jack Canfield, my New Years motivational kick! We all need one!

I thought that BlueCamperVaners, you may be interested to learn more about Derek and his new book.

Derek’s Story:-

The son of Jamaican immigrants, Derek was born in Birmingham in 1965.  He grew up happily there with his six brothers and sisters, until, when he was 13; there was an unexpected death in the family. This plunged him into the world of a stutterer.

After school and various menial jobs, Derek went into financial services as a trainee.  Throughout his 20’s and 30’s, far from being successful Derek had great financial challenges and debt. His situation became dire, and at one point his family home was moments away from being repossessed by the bank.  He was working long hours that kept him away from his family.

By the end of 2003, in a moment of despair, Derek discovered a way to live his life differently. Out of this came a unique approach that changed everything, irrevocably.  Over the next four years he turned his life and business around, made his first million and people began to ask him how he did it.

Derek is the author of The 10 Second Philosophy® published by Hay House, September 2012.  Using the power of TrueSelf and the utilization of Standards instead of goals to achieve happiness and success, Derek is invited to speak publicly and to coach and advise others.

He is a featured expert in the motivational personal development movie “Keeper of the Keys starring Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff.

Derek is married to Gerry; they have four children, and live in Worcestershire England.  He is a 1st Dan in Karate, and enjoys riding and playing Polo occasionally.


According to Derek:-

“My true story is both profound and simple.  When I think about the 18 years of my life that I wasted to a certain degree, it almost concurs with the timescale referred to in recent research about Brits being 19 years behind in their life ‘goals’.  Just look at what Olympic athletes can achieve or change in 10-Seconds – all of us have the power to change from the inside out in 10-Seconds.  We don’t need to wait 18 or so years…

“For me and as you will see as you read the book The 10-Second Philosophy, having goals in life may be holding people back.  We should be turning the whole premise of goal-setting/360 reviews on their head.  Why not focus on Standards in every aspect of our life?  Surely this can have a positive knock-on effect to every aspect of British culture: whether we are referring to personal Standards relating to housekeeping, customer service in business or personal relationships.  Brits are not necessarily known for High Standards (as one might expect, let’s say, in The USA vis-à-vis customer service) so let’s set a precedent for change,” he added.

In essence, Derek Mills’ new book, The 10-Second Philosophy, can help you better understand:-

  • Why setting life goals doesn’t work and how setting Standards instead can and will dramatically change the quality of your life
  • How the words, thoughts, questions and phrases you encounter and use on a daily basis can be used to access your inner genius and make lasting change in seconds
  • How and why Derek’s powerful personal story from failure and despair to success and happiness beyond his wildest dreams can be your reality, starting within just 10 seconds

Derek Mills shares his 10-Second Philosophy® and PERFECT Life Standards System™ with audiences all over the world, helping them to re-evaluate the concept of goal-setting, in order to create and live a happier life.  In addition to being a lauded international motivational speaker and coach, Derek is now an author, film producer, senior partner in one of the UK’s leading wealth management organisations and also featured in an Award-winning film as announced at the recent Las Vegas Film Festival.


The 10-Second Philosophy, published by Hay House, is available to buy at all good book shops and online at Derek wants to hear from you so visit his website, to find out why.

Follow Derek on Twitter @derekmills1 and ‘Like’ his Facebook page ‘DerekMills.The10SecondPhilosophy’.

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