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The Blue Camper Van Story

Posted on Oct 2, 2015 |

The Blue Camper Van Story

In early 2010, after only being in Dubai for 6 months, I requested more time from the Universe, but I didn’t stipulate The HOW!

Consequently, I broke my leg cycling! Be very careful what you wish for!  During the 7 weeks of being incapacitated, Blue Camper Van was born.BCV

The reason for the name Blue Camper Van was that I had commissioned a painting of a classic VW Camper van which hung directly in front of my recovery bed and hence that was my main focal point and key thought process for the concept.

My family and I have always loved VW Campervans from vacations in Devon and Cornwall. They always represented FREEDOM and Going with the FLOW to me, as well as the Hippie movement and Scooby Doo of course.

During my recuperation, I taught myself social media and created a well-being meet up group online as well as in person in Dubai.

I still continue to provide online POSiTiVE information in the form of articles, news, videos, quotes, etc on our social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on Instagram.

imageI would say I’m a Connector which is why I have written the book, BlueCamperVan – The Vehicle for POSiTiVE Change. I wanted to connect people with the tools available to create POSiTiVE Changes in their lives and share my knowledge.

The book is now complete and available for purchase on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.  To find out how the book can help YOU and where you can purchase it, please click on the picture to the left.

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