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The Magic of L❤️ving Yourself

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The Magic of L❤️ving Yourself

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection ~ Buddha

The hippie movement, founded in the 1960s, main principle was to promote Love and Peace globally, commanding the saying, ‘make love not war’. In addition, the British band, The Beatles, wrote about the emotion, in one of their hit songs, ‘All you need is Love’. Did these two factions, amongst others who promoted Love, get it right? Is love the key ingredient for a fulfilling life?

In essence, my belief is that love is a good starting place. Having love for oneself is a key fundamental attribute to connect with bliss, inner peace and balance. We are not talking about ego here, the ‘look at me aren’t I wonderful’ attitude, its about self-respect and self-compassion. Once you learn to love YOU, the authentic you, for who you truly are, warts and all, you are more able to give love to others and receive it in abundance.

Finding the ‘Love of Self’ will help you change your world for the better. You will vibrate on a higher frequency, which will enable you to attract more positive situations, circumstances and people into your life and miraculous things start to appear.

How do you learn to love yourself? Where do you begin? I believe that we are all a constant work in progress, attempting to improve upon who we are, expanding our breadth of knowledge and learning through trial and error. I’m sure that even the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people and head of the Buddhist movement, probably has had moments in life. Ones where he had a limiting belief or a moment of self-doubt that’s crept in, after all he is a human-being too!

Ultimately, the work to create inner balance and love, has to come from you. The motivation, determination and drive to make it happen, as with anything in life, the successful end result will come from diligence and commitment. Do you want to positively change? You have to really want it to make it happen. image

There is no magic pill to digest that will help make the improvements for you. To start your journey of self-love, you may choose to attend workshops or retreats, go for one-to-one sessions with therapists, watch videos or read self-help books.

The knowledge and the tools gained by others will certainly add value, but you have to continue with the practices regularly to facilitate the changes within. And when times get tough, which invariably they do, you will need to use these tools on a regular basis to pump yourself up again in order to keep going. I have written about various tools that can help in my book, ‘Blue Camper Van – the vehicle for POSiTiVE Change’.

To bring in the love, one thing that will need to happen is to banish the fear within. The Fear standing for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ which is purely in your mind, as they are just your thoughts, they are not your reality. These negative fearful thoughts stop you from moving forward with your life.

Each person has on average 60,000 thoughts per day! That’s one thought per second in every waking hour! Amazingly, 95 percent are the same thoughts are repeated every day. On average, 80% of those habitual thoughts are negative.

Changing the way we think, removing those negative thoughts, requires reprogramming of our habits, values and beliefs which are all located within our sub-conscious mind. 90 percent of what we do on a daily basis is sub-consciously; driving a car, brushing our teeth, making a hot drink etc. Theses habits have all been repeated over and over again, thereby creating who we are as an individual. To positively change, we need to access the area of our brain where the sub-conscious is located and build the new neuronic pathways to alter our state of being.

Various tools and techniques are used to help my clients to create positive lasting changes. Initially we spend time building a picture of their current life, ascertain the changes they wish to make, work out their values, the type of person they want to become in order to make the change happen and programming their mind to make it happen, along with removing any fears, blockages and negative self-talk. Foremost, we bring in the love of self, which has a domino effect to the rest of their lives, it’s the catalyst for the positive changes. You only have one life to achieve everything you want to achieve, so you have to act accordingly!

To help start you on your self-love journey, I have attached an affirmation meditation to give you an idea of how to start to rewire your brain:- Click HERE

There is nothing more rewarding for a therapist than a client giving positive feedback, announcing that their life has changed for the better! Whether it be related to loving themselves more, having more success in all areas of their life, starting a dream business, finding a new partner, having a child, getting that perfect job, receiving financial reward or finding their lost mojo, their zest for life. The positive results happened because they desired it and took action!

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassionate, gentleness , and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

By loving yourself, opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities! and helps you live your life with passion and purpose.

Dee X

Author/Hypnotherapist/NLP/Coach/Reiki for 15+ years

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