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The Matrix + The Secret – all you need to know to break out and LIVE!

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 |

The Matrix + The Secret – all you need to know to break out and LIVE!

If, according to ‘The Secret’, “…we bring about what we think about.” – just imagine the damage we do to ourselves when we get depressed?  Our negative thinking is creating more negative thinking.  We get depressed because we don’t believe we have the power to change things!  No matter how bad a situation is, you must never give in to the feelings of hopelessness or being trapped into dancing to someone else’s tune.  This can last for days, months or maybe a lifetime; waiting for death as some kind of blessed relief from the mortal prison you are trapped in, be it the rat race/the relationship(s)/your caste.  If you or someone you know are trapped in this negative thinking, do whatever it takes to make a ‘thinking’ change, whether it is anti-depressants, meditation, professional counselling, or maybe just a holiday.  Once the negative thinking is quelled, the positive thinking must, by natural law, once again come to the surface.


Once you know, notice I said ‘know’ not just ‘believe’, that you have the power to change things, you will move from a position of victim, powerlessness, suffering and martyrdom(?) to one of strength, energy, passion, enthusiasm and control.  Once you feel in control, depression has no chance to gain hold, because if you don’t like something you simply move away from it, (inner strength), or change it (passion).  One is semi-passive and the other is dynamic, but BOTH are positive reactions to a negative situation.  Be careful, though, that you don’t use negative internal dialogue while doing so; e.g. “God, why does this keep happening to me?”  Instead, your mind should be clear and focussed on the positive movement; e.g. “I move with ease away from negativity” or “I have the power to change this (thing or situation), there is no room for negativity in my life”.  Believe right now that you are the master of your own destiny.  Choose it, live it & breathe it and find a way to remind yourself of it every day.


So, where does the Matrix come into all this?  Well, I believe it is an excellent example/metaphor (?) of what is actually going on in our lives.  You see, we are really in a school of life (in the matrix), and our real selves, our souls, our higher selves are actually removed from the ‘real world’ (on the Nebuchadnezzar) and can observe and learn without the trappings of ego and emotion.  When we get this, we protect ourselves from being sucked in to all of the negative goings-on in this world.  The world looks different to each individual because life is about perception, how you ‘see’ things.  You don’t have to swallow it whole, and absorb negative events or people.  Now, with practice, we may even be able to become bullet-proof to the negative parts of the world around us.  There are teachers, masters, all around us that have found this path and dedicate their lives to helping their fellow man to break free from the tyranny of others.  Cultivate an attitude of the ‘casual observer’* so that you can watch without absorbing. (*from Wayne Dyer’s teachings.  I recommend his book “Your erroneous zones” for everyone.)


This brings us to ‘The Secret’.  If you haven’t read the book or seen the documentary about “The Secret”, I strongly recommend you do so.  When I heard that there was a potentially life-changing teaching to be had I grabbed it with both hands!  And what a teaching it is!  It may take you multiple viewings and attempts to pass the exam, metaphorically speaking, or it may take a few years for the penny to finally drop for you, like it did me, but this lesson is so powerful and empowering for us all that it is worth the effort.  But a word of warning – don’t spend the money until it has shown up in your life!  Some days your belief is so strong you feel invincible, and just ‘know’ that you’ve cracked it and that now the abundance (money) will come.  But on other days you may not be so sure, self-doubts creep back in, and you once again sabotage your own access to the world’s abundance.  As Wayne Dyer said “our doubts are our traitors”, and they keep us from changing.  So, what ‘The Secret’ teaches us is that we can create our own world with our minds; i.e. what we think about we bring about.  If you focus on and worry about your debts, you will create more debt.  If you focus on abundance, and reinforce that thinking with knowing and gratitude, then abundance comes to you.  I can certainly attest to being a ‘creator’, just not a creator of abundance.  My thoughts are too often random, and I get absorbed in life (the matrix).  But I’m getting there.  I’m aware of an awakening in myself.


If I combine the knowing that all obstacles are just challenges to my determination to create what I want, with the knowing that what I think about I can bring about, I have two powerful tools to help me stay on track, and improve my life for the better, and not be sidetracked by others’ negativity.


How are you doing?  If you haven’t seen The Matrix, I recommend that too; especially now that I’ve referred to it as an opportunity to expand your consciousness.


For Matrix fans: Morpheus to Neo: “You think that’s air you’re breathing?”


by Eric Lange, writer for BlueCamperVan



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