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The Power of Vulnerability

Posted on Jan 8, 2017 |

The Power of Vulnerability

Growth implies vulnerability because vulnerability implies openness to new experiences and love.

When we are defensive, we are caged off from the world. When we are closed minded we devalue ourselves, because stagnation of energy is utlimately death. When we are condescending, we are doing it to our Self primarily, and when we think we know best, that is the time to question our motives and our egos.

But when we are open, allowing and vulnerable, that is when we get to experience all the beauty of all that IS without judging it, which allows the universal love to flow to us, and through us. That is when we start experiencing new wonders of this Universe every second, things that make us say “I never knew….” and remain in silence and awe.

You cannot experience something that is not of your vibration. If you are living in fear, anger, judgment and guilt you will only experience freedom and love through your own prism of belief systems which distorts them so much that they are nothing but filaments of what could have been. So in order to experience freedom and love, you need to drop fear, anger, judgments and guilt, but in that very process of letting go, jumping off… the Universe catches you, rewards you, sends you Love from every possible source, being and idea, so that you know that you are on the right way, and know that you are loved unconditionally, even if in pain of letting go.

So let yourselves be vulnerable, let the shields drop, you don’t have to be the pillar to those around you all the time, it is OK to be loved and receive for a change, it is OK to expose your sensitivity, you are supported.

You are supported by the Universe and everything in it if you open up and let your guard down.  Love does not impose itself, it comes in when allowed, and shields we are putting up consciously or unconsciously are holding it back in a way that it cannot be perceived by us even if it’s in front of our noses.

If you want to expand your consciousness, if this is your greatest passion and excitement and soul drive, you must open up to others. It is impossible to do it in secret, until you deem yourself “good enough” at it and then come in public as a done product. Be honest and open about your experiences, and that way you can show others what to expect.

You can prepare them that it is not going to be easy, that all of us have our ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and more importantly you will be an example of will, love and clarity. This is not a thing that can be practiced. This is not a thing you learn from someone else’s stories about it. You watch them do it. You watch them fall, fail, dust off and move on even stronger. And you don’t judge, you learn. Likewise you show your true self to others and let them watch you.

It will always be your first time, every step of the way, so isolating yourself in this continuous process can hinder your progress because the energies are not fluctuating in a natural way. There needs to be an exchange of information, energy and emotions (energy in motion) in order to expand into a reality that is welcoming, loving and friendly, so drop those ideas about extrovert and introvert mentality, it’s all inconsequential for what is coming, and that is a new community, built on openness, understanding and sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The POSiTiVE Change STARTS with YOU.

Brene Brown’s video on Vulnerability really captures these thoughts and shows us, its ok to be vulnerable, to open up, to share our thoughts, its not a sign of weakness, its a sign of courage!

with LOVE x


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