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What is Aura Soma and how can it help you?

Posted on Feb 11, 2013 |

What is Aura Soma and how can it help you?
Steph Hamilton is an Author, a Photographer, the creator of SoulMap® , a practitioner for Aura-Soma® aswell as a wife and mother of 3.
She recently invited me to come along and experience an Aura-Soma® reading.  Aura-Soma® as I found out, is a non-intrusive, self-selective soul system.  “Aura” meaning “light” and “Soma” meaning “the body” (from the Greek) or “the being” (from the Aramaic), or “living energies” (from the Sanskrit).
A session helps you connect with your true soul or your blueprint.  It helps retrieve your soul purpose and raises your frequecy and vibration.
During the Aura-Soma® consultation, I was asked to choose four bottles by Steph, from the full set of 108 beautiful bottles of rainbow coloured oils, each representing an aspect of the soul.  After connecting with me, Steph chose four Angel cards to compliment each bottle.
The order in which you choose your bottles is indeed important:-
  • 1st bottle represents your Mission and Purpose
  • 2nd is your Gifts and Talents
  • 3rd is the Here and Now
  • 4th is your Future Potential

The consultation lasted for 75 minutes, at the end of which I was invited to take home my choice of bottle. Apparently working with your choice of bottle will ensure that you receive the most out of your time spent with Steph and Aura-Soma®.

I highly recommend a reading with Steph, you will come away feeling like you have connected with your soul purpose.  The light will have been shone on areas that you need to work on to reach your full potential and you will have an understanding as to the reason why you are here now.

For more information on Steph:-

  • Her book ‘Hungry, Feed Your Soul’
  • Her photography
  • SoulMap® and Aura-Soma®

connect with her on her website

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